Namaste NA Yurt

An authentic Mongolian yurt nestled in the Ozarks near the Buffalo National River. A nightly rental in Newton County, AR!

Namaste NA Yurt is a completely natural, Mongolian yurt! It is made of hand-hewn wood, wool felt, and canvas by a family in Mongolia in partnership with Groovy Yurts.

The yurt now lives in NW Arkansas and offers a unique way to experience all that the Ozark Mountains offer:

  • Hiking
  • Waterfalls
  • The Buffalo National River
  • Wildlife Watching
  • Scenic Highway 7
  • Great Food
  • Unique Shopping
  • and much more.

Namaste NA Yurt is off-grid, trying very hard to limit it’s impact on the surroundings. Solar power offers some power, enough to charge phones and run some 10v lighting. A porta-potty is available for ‘necessary functions!’ Water is cached at the site in a large container; this allows drinking water and bathing with a camp shower that you heat in the sun!

Namaste NA Yurt offers a queen sized bed with warm, toasty linens. There is a wardrobe closet for storing your things while here. A Mongolian sink cabinet is available inside to wash hands and brush teeth. Seating is provided by funky lounge chairs. A wide variety of battery operated lighting is in place including remote-controlled click lights hiding in decorative elements around the yurt! Flashlights and camp lights are provided, along with a stash of batteries, in case! Please no eating or smoking in the yurt; the odors will get trapped in the natural elements and could lead to bad things (see Bears, below!).

Outside, the deck area offers seating and a fireplace. There is a gas grill for cooking, along with a cook/camp stove. Because we know you want coffee, a French Press is provided, along with coffee, creamer, and sweeteners. You will want to pack your food in a cooler and another cooler is provided for your use.

As there are bears, raccoons, and opossum in the area, all food should be cooked, consumed, and locked in the provided storage box, outside of the yurt. If a bear gets hungry, you want him to eat OUTSIDE of the yurt and not be tempted to come INSIDE the yurt!

Namaste NA Yurt provides plates, pots/pans, glasses, wine glasses, a wine opener, and silverware for your stay. Wash tubs and environmentally friendly soaps are provided to clean up.

The camp shower is a fun, outdoor area, screened for privacy with an umbrella in case you need some protection from above. We hope you enjoy the freedom of bathing outdoors! Environmentally friendly body wash/shampoo is provided so that run off does not affect nearby streams.

Namaste NA Yurt is very close to the Hasty Cutoff of the Buffalo National River and Jasper, AR, giving you a great base to take advantage of all the cool stuff nearby!